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Expediting cargo movement in every step of the Import/Export Process.

Sylverways Logistics as a legally registered Customs Clearance Agent, we act as an intermediary between a shipper (person shipping or cargo owners) border control/ customs authorities and other logistics providers on chain supply logistics. Representing the importer or exporter by communicating with the customs authority. With compliance to proper customs clearance and procedures that play a vital role in timely movement and delivery of your cargo. We handle clearance of import and export consignments by sea, air and road more efficiently and easily. Our main services in custom clearing services include advice to the clients in preparing documents related to import and export, completion of appraisal and examination procedures and payments.

For Import consignments we require documents such as original invoice, packing list, bill of landing/airway, bill endorsed by the importer or bank, insurance certificate, purchase order or letter of credit, import license and catalogue or literature if the goods are chemical for customs clearance services.
For export clearance, export license or permit and sale contracts are required along with Invoice, Packing list and shipping instruction.

We do Customs Clearance of both imports and exports with customer satisfaction as our priority. We consistently deliver cargo with minimum delays and costs.

We offer all clearing services: temporary import, exempted cargo, re-export, import under bond, export under drawback etc. Our declaration experts guide our customers on how to prepare their documentation and what to expect in terms of customs requirements.

Our Customs Clearing Services ( Export/Import)

  • Guidance and consultancy on pre and post shipment services
  • Liaising and follow up with various Govt Organizations
  • Documentation procedures i.e. preparation and handling of documents
  • All post shipment formalities and endorsements
  • Drawback/DEPB and several other export benefits
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